Freedom as alot of people would see it, is the act of being free, it is the moment when you are at liberty, it is the period when you have the right to do what you want, choose what you want and live your life just the way you want it.

Freedom is the reason a child would want to grow up and become an adult overnight, just because he/she wants to be independent, wants to have access to life, wants to do what adults do and take responsibility for their actions.

Sometimes, youths and the young adults misunderstand the concept of freedom as many think it's the time to enjoy life and a period to mess around all in the name of being at liberty, sooner or later they begin to realise that life is not a bed of roses.

"Everyone deserves to be free but not everyone deserves freedom at the same time" 

Yes, you may think you are ready for life, you may think you are ready to make exploits and do things other people couldn't do, trust me dear friend, until you have a proper guidance about life and understand the essence of your purpose in life, you may actually not be ready.

An example is the prodigal son, who thought life is all about spending, enjoying and living anyhow because he thought he was ripe and ready to take charge, without knowing how to manage his resources, cope with life and to face challenges.

Took his possessions, went away into life and in no time soon become miserable because the lesson he refused to get from his father, and the patient he couldn't get while he was still in his father's house, he got from the street and oh yes...became poor and humble.

But luckily for him, soon he realized his errors and was able to go back to his source and he was received back home because his father understood that his son only went on a mission to acquire some lessons from life.

The story of the prodigal son is likened to the youths of nowadays, everyone wants to be happy, everyone wants to impress, they don't care if it's their time to take over or not, they just want to belong and be the talk of the town, some move to the street, become wayward after being influenced by some hooligans on the street, some got influenced by friends who are earning by crook, others got influenced by those who are into evil acts and at the end of the day, end up becoming cultists and criminals.

The feeling of being free is the reason why some youths smoke all sort of nonsense, they engage in criminal act such as rape, robbery, cyber crime and fraud. And at the end of the day, blame the government for their mischievous act, all in the name of unemployment.

Let me tell you something dear friend, we all have our parents no matter how good or bad we perceive them to be, but the training we receive from them also have a great influence on us.

Even the Bible states and I quote that "if you who are evil know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more your Heavenly Father who is in heaven" you who are evil know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more your Heavenly Father who is in heaven" that is to say, no matter how bad your parents may be, there is always a good side of them that wants the best for you and they are always ready to give you the training to help you become ready for the future when you have your freedom. 

As earlier stated, everyone cannot have freedom at the same time, when some people are free and doing well in life it's because that's their destiny and because they were ready, why don't you take the chance you have while you are still bound by your parents or guidance rules to brush yourself and develop your potentials?

Discover what life has got to offer you and know how you can explore even in the world of hatred, anguish, war, sorrow, pain, backbiting, disappointment, downfall, downcast, love, happiness, joy, commitment and perseverance.

You must learn how to cope since life itself is a mixed feelings, not just assume you are free when you are not ready for life.

You must remember that being free means being independent, so until you know what you have, life itself and the people in the world will take you for granted and when a purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable.

In order to avoid being abused by life and it's circumstances, you must be willing to take the bull by the horn when you are ready, you must be responsible for every of your actions and you must be developed enough to take every blow life throws at you.

But until then, stay in your father's house, wait till the world comes for you because when you keep doing what you love to do most and follow the rules of your parents and also understand the concept of life, soon you will be into the limelight, I tell you dear friend the spotlight is on you, do not rush your freedom... Wait on it!

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