You are only as great as the opportunities that are given to you"— Charlize Theron.
I'm sure your social media handles would have been filled with motivational write-ups, advising you on how not to make mistakes in the coming year.
A plethora of write-ups will posit on what they deem fit as the best recipe to navigate 2019.

But come to think of it, aren't you suppose to always have a good recipe for each day? There's no way you are prepared all days of the year and not have a tangible goal(s) to achieve by the end of the year.
An athlete will prepare for thousand of hours, stay focus, watch his diet and daily activities to win a race that ends in seconds or minutes; probably in hours if it is a marathon. Tell me, do the efforts you make in the new year enough for your life fulfillment? No, it is what you make of every seconds of your life.

You are given 86,400 units of life everyday to set things straight, what is more unfortunate than missed opportunities?
In his book, the richest man in Babylon, George Clason asserted that "men of actions are favored by the goddess of good luck." Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.

I presumed that our watchword everyday should be "Be Prepared". Henry Ford said: "before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success".
Below are some few tips on what preparation will do for you.

1. Preparation allows you to tap into your talent.
Have you seen any great man whose bedrock of success is not based on preparation? When you prepare, there's always an avenue for you to bring forth that hidden talent in you.

2. Preparation is a process, not an event
It's not until 2019 that you started doing what others legislated for you. Won't you want to follow another man's quote to succeed in 2020, when your preparation is based on events?
There's always that process that is synchronous to your body system, master it and follow to the letter.

3. Preparation precedes opportunity
If you want to take advantage of opportunity to become a better version of yourself, then you must be prepared when the opportunities arise. Once the opportunity presents itself, it's too late to get ready.

4. Preparation for tomorrow begins with the right use of today
If you are preparing for today, chances are, you won't be repairing tomorrow. When you're not prepared today, you will spend your tomorrow repairing the wrongs of today.

5. Preparation requires continually good perspective
Abraham Lincoln said, "if I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six sharpening my ax". Perspective will not only help you to prepare, but can also motivate you.

6. Good preparation leads to action
A quote by William Danforth: "no plan is worth the paper it is printed on unless it starts you going". There's no point listening to social media Prophets when their prophesy can't keep you going all season long.

Don't get caught in the web of overpreparing, start taking actions today. Preparation is simply putting yourself in a better position to succeed.
P.S The principles are culled from "Talent is never enough" by John C. Maxwell. Don't be lured into delaying what needs to be achieved now till next year.

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