Life is not easy, No! it is never easy, never let any man from anywhere tell you life is easy, there is a hush and rush everyday, life is no joke, it never a breakfast we eat every morning but you can be delighted in it if you are well positioned for it, it is not a bed of roses, you are going to have to plant the roses and dress the bed yourself and that requires a lot of work.

I am not ashamed to tell you this, alot of us have been made to believe that just by reading books, you are guaranteed work in an exotic place and have alot of luxury. Well, maybe true, but such principle perfectly works in the movies.

This piece is open to criticism, but take a good look at your life, tell me has it been easy? I mean you are living fine but has any of your achievement came the easy way? We might have different levels of difficulty but none of the levels are easy.

But you have the power to wake up every morning telling life, no matter how hard you are, I am going be brave, am going to stand tall, I will put my legs in the sand of what ever you bring to the beach and I'm still going to breathe.

You have to wake up every morning with the mentality that this is the day the Lord has made but in it there are many adversaries to conquer, Yes! The Lord has supplied daily bread for me today, but there are chickens who might want to eat the bread and I have to fight them.

Life is not easy, you have a dream, it is not going to come out all fulfilled so easily, I am not trying to make you fret anyway, I am just doing this to encourage you, so you must know that the Lord almighty is on your side, and you must know that you have to be strong and courageous, not just on some days but everyday, when you wake up in the morning you have to be strong spiritually, mentally, financially in your mind, and all areas of life, you need to understand that though the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, but you still need to take those steps.

No one is going to make those steps for you, you need to understand that even though you commit your ways into the hands of God and he will direct your path, you still need to wake up strong, not with great muscles, but you have to wake up strong in your mind, because that's where your true strength lies.

At the end of the day the greatest battle is in the mind, we end a day having the feeling that we failed because at first we failed in our mind. And we can also end a day feeling victorious because we became victorious in our minds.
So you have to tell yourself, I am going win in life, and I will put my mind to it

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