Tell me, what do you do when you have prayed your tongue out but it seems like the teacher is not listening because he is quiet, what do you do when you have an idea of what to do, but life shows itself in a different way.

I mean you were suppose to be passionate about it, but your passion seems to be dying, you sing very well, the angels hear you sing, but still they don't pick you, what do you do when life hands you over to depression?

You have always been very optimistic about the future, believing that it will be all good very soon but things didn't turn out well as expected, when life takes the strength out of you, what do you do?
When time sings into your ears saying tick tock, your biological clock is ticking, what do you do?

My God, you are beautiful but you don't have a single suitor to approach you, what do you do?
When it looks like you've lost it all, and you think you are deep in sin and you cannot rise again spiritually, when you were on fire some months ago, but now you can't even pray anymore, so it happened right before your eyes, right under your nose, you shivered as you heard, felt like your bones crushed, you couldn't feel your knees anymore, felt like you were beneath the ground, you wished for the ground to open up and swallow you because you couldn't take it anymore.

It feels like the whole world had turned its back on you, you trusted your friends so much and thought they'd stick around with you through thick and thin, you called them friends, they weren't just associate they were companions, you didn't just share conversations, you shared secrets, and now they walked out the door, what do you do when you thought they'd walk with you till the end but they left you in the middle of it all, you are at a crossroad.

In the middle of no where, you don't have anywhere to run to, you look to the sky and all you see is the ground, you feel like misery itself, you cry your eyes so much, your tear gland gets dry, YOUR DREAM, what you carried on for so long seemed to crush right before you, you went to the notice board and all you saw was your matric number written with a carry over.

You called on him with so much enthusiasm, you couldnt wait to here his voice, but over the phone he just broke up with you.

You just got a gift for her, you wanted to surprise her, but you met the door open with your lover in the arms of another, you can't take this anymore, you feel broken, feel like a shattered hour glass, words can't express the sleepless night, the cold within your bones, the tears only your pillow can tell.

Well I have a word for you, forget about those who left, and the guy who didn't stay, and the girl who brought you pain, forget about the drama and the trauma only your pillows could tell, those people weren't suppose to stay, they were for a moment, they are actors in a scene at a point in your life, they acted for a moment and they left.

I want you to know that you are an eagle, I want you to know that eagles don't fly, they soar very high no mater the stormy wind, in the midst of the wave, they spread their wings, they flap harder, now forget about the chickens, and the little turkeys who have being in your life, brace your self up, opportunities will come your way again and they can only slip when you disregard, overlook and don't embrace them.

You only run out of chances when you take them for granted, at the end of the day only eagles live in the highest mountains, so keep pushing because there's hope.




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