Give Others a Chance to Try

We happen to be in a part of the world where true love has gone on mute, unless expressed occasionally. We don't love one another has the Lord has commanded, we only tend to deceive ourselves, especially when there's benefits. People act as if they love each other; you know why? Because the relationship, friendship, or whatever intimacy they have is bound to come with benefits. It is rare to see churches assign members to visit the prison yards to preach the gospel, evangelise to the lost souls, and to donate love items to them, which is a very important factor.

What about the needy? Who cares? Hospitals and Charity homes?
Don't you think it's essential to donate drugs and foods every month as part of charity?
It's tragic how some are constantly feeding excessively and even wasting so much food, while others are dying of hunger.

When was the last time you took it upon yourself to help someone on the street, whether known or unknown? Mr Super-hero, what have you done in your local community? Eat, drink, flex, chop life? It is your money and nobody has the right to question or advice you right? But it is essential to remember that few years back you were born as a stranger into this world, you knew nothing and someone took that responsibility to teach you about life isn't it?

Why aren't you passing the trend when you eventually grew up? You think life has tampered with you? So, you want everyone else to be tampered with and let them see what life has taught you?
Did you not know that life has dealt with the ones who raised you too? But they deemed it fit to raise you.

To whom much is given, much is expected. I give you one, you give the world ten, that is how the name and empire is been built. What will your legacy be, when you are long gone?

If a player keeps sitting down on the bench, how does he improve? And if the coach keeps saying "wait for your time" then how does he build himself to know if his time right? If a pastor does not mount the podium to exercise his God's given potential, how does the congregation know he has the grace and anointing? Even with talents you don't become a professional, but with due process starting from the infant stage to the masters stage.

Every great thing starts small. If Usain Bolt never visits the track and field event base for consistent practise with actions and zeal to improve, would he have broken world's record as the fastest man and attain the height? Please think about it.

Give people a chance in their little beginnings, because no one is born perfect. Only God gives man grace to get to a certain level in life. But that doesn't mean he should despise others who are yet to become successful. It's a matter of time, the least will also rise and shine. Rome wasn't built in a day; the journey of that thousand miles only began with a step. Let others also try! Encourage! Give them a chance!

Those who are always fronting and desiring to take charge during all gatherings of individuals, believe they are the only one filled with wisdom. They always feel their prowess and understanding is beyond the norm, second to none and superior to all.

An adage says, "A tree doesn't make a forest". Just because people are gentle, calm and quiet, doesn't mean they are stupid. You'll keep making errors as far as you don't respect others opinion. 6+3=9 and so does 5+4=9, same result but different initiatives. No one is an encyclopedia of knowledge, even great men don't reason alone, they reference lots of ideas from different personalities to get things right.

This is something I have learnt overtime and mistakes I've made overtime but now I've changed and I've corrected myself, that's why I want you to learn from it too.

"Overestimating yourself above your worth is pride."

That you are rich doesn't mean you have it all, when you visit other places, your jaw will drop and your mouth will go wide open; you'll almost melt to liquid. No matter how much you are blessed, count your blessings and name them one by one. But, stay as cool as a dove, help people the little way you can and do not boast about it.
Eliminate pride! Let others try, give them a chance!

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