About a week ago, everyone all around the world was celebrating The World earth day. The day is meant for the celebration of the earth and its environments and also to demonstrate support for environmental protection. This year's team was "Protect the species".

It would be safe to say that almost everyone is aware of the recent increase in plastic pollution which is playing its role in killing aquatic creatures. Not just plastic pollution, other problems such as improper waste disposal, ozone depletion, environmental degradation and more all have their own effects on the world.

Looking at all these problems, it all in one way or the other happens from the activities of man on the earth. it is therefore high time to check our actions and further help in dismissing the threat.

The Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development says that by 2050, if no action is taken, "Global emissions of greenhouse gases are projected to grow by a further 37%, and 52% to 2050. This could result in an increase in global temperature over pre-industrial levels in the range of 1.7-2.4° Celsius by 2050, leading to increased heat waves, droughts, storms and floods, resulting in severe damage to key infrastructure and crops." 

This does not end well.

Interventions like Reducing the use of Plastic bottles and rather using reusable materials, and Recycling will further ensure the protection and preservation of the aquatic habitat. It seems like a hard choice judging by the use of plastic materials in our homes but it is important so as to prevent an increase in the rate of plastic pollution.

Furthermore, awareness is important. Social media is fast becoming the easiest and fastest means of communicating in the world and would also serve as a means of sensitization in this case as well.

It is becoming more of a common thing when dealing with environmental issues that people are always advised to plant trees. It is important and should be put into consideration. And Yes, as you know, a greener world is not complete without plants.

Laws and policies should also be put in place to make all these actions Mandatory.

Let's be a part of saving the Earth. Let's Protect our Species.
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