Understanding The Success System

It is so sardonic and disheartening that many Nigerian youths have been misled in their career and life, as a result of the groups they keep and sometimes they get influenced by their peers or situations around based on circumstances.
After so many researches, I have concluded that many of the highly influential people in the world been faced with alot of challenges in life but they never allow any of these get into their head. That is because they understand the system of success.

"Failure is not attached to a man’s life, just some challenges and trials, only if we fail to find a lasting solution to the problems that they make us a failure."

One thing you should understand is that your academic result shouldn’t be a determining factor of your success, you might graduate with a first class but not as the most successful person, not even in your department, as someone else can graduate with a lower-class result or not be able to attend university, let alone to acquire a degree and still become the most successful person on earth (consider bill gates)

"No one will write your success story, if you don't create it yourself"

Success has to start with you, because you are to create it, you are the determinant of your own success, as no one will own the success that belongs to you.

"Success or wealth doesn't happen by chance, you must understand that success works with many agencies like God, Knowledge, planning, Determination and many more."

Let me quickly highlight these parts.

Firstly, the system of success is the connectivity of all parts working hand in hand to make a positive result or make a perfect outcome an example is that, a car cannot move on its own except with the function and involvement of other parts. You must also know that a car cannot move without the driver to start the car. The system of success cannot work without the person involved in the system having a mindset to drive his life, as you know that you can't drive a car without having a destination.

Secondly, what makes the system of success works? There are many parts within the system that make it functional, as earlier stated...
The parts are

1. God 
2. Determination
3. Education 
4. Planning 
5. Hard work

All these make up the system, please note that if one part of the system is missing then all the system may be affected. Let us discuss some of the parts of system.

1. GOD - The bible emphasized that "with God, all things are possible" and another verse says that "you should seek the kingdom of God first, and all other things shall be added onto you."
Therefore, no matter what your plans are, you need to put God first, then watch every other thing come together as a whole.

2. Determination - This has to do with the mindset of the individual. We all know it's not easy to be disciplined about a decision and functioning properly even under a very tense situation and condition. But with the right mindset and determination, one can be able to scale through,  no matter how rough the sea or tough the situation. Therefore, stay determined.

3. Education - Many have failed to be able to distinguish between education and schooling.  Schooling is within the four corners of a classroom but education goes beyond the classroom leading. "Education is the best legacy" said Nelson Mandela, but we fail to understand that education means knowledge. Whatever you can acquire knowledge from is then regarded as education. Which means you have a full knowledge of whatever you want to learn, be involved in and whatever it is you are doing or must do, you need education. More emphasis have been laid in my book, titled: The Poor Youth vs The Rich Youth.

4. Planning - After having am in depth knowledge of what you want to be in life then you need to set up a plan, and the plans serves as the arrangement of your life. Remember that "when you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

5. Hard Work - Having talent is something to be proud of, but if you don't work hard to sustain yourself, family, business and everything that concerns you, soon you may be frustrated because you were too lazy to put in the effort required. Therefore, you must strive hard to get a positive result about whatever you are doing and achieve a tangible goal.

Thirdly, how does the system work?

The system works when you found all the necessary parts works well and perfectly, once the first part (God) goes into the input device then it builds the second part (Determination) then you add the third part (education) and move into the first stage of the processing unit because it builds the mind then add the fourth part( planning) supporting it with the fifth part (Hard work) taking it back to the processing unit which is the second stage and it brings out an outcome which is the reward then you wait for the feedback based our your outcome then you put back the feedback to the input unit.

Succinctly, the systems of success work hand in hand, all part function along with each other so when a part is malfunctioning then you have to go back to the system and fix the part. Whenever challenges come you to go back and check to see what's wrong and fix the issue. Success is the greatest achievement one can attain in life.

This write up may look too simple and that you may want to take it for granted but if you consider giving it a try and follow the process without jumping a step, then you are almost at becoming successful.

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