Businesses fail, often times not because the business doesn't have the right things in place.
Marriages and relationships fail, often times not because no one is making it work from each ends.
People lost jobs, often times not because the company or organisation is willing to disengage them.

We run into traffic congestion, often times not because the road isn't wide enough for motorists to ply. We lose out on many things not because we are meant to, but because we have thrown caution out of the window into the thin air. We have lost our values.
In business, we are not upright, we want to make fast money without due investment, without having done all that is necessary of us.

In relationship, marriages, friendships and partnership, we have eschewed values and principles, we do not have personal values so we can't even respect the values and principles of others (if at all they have one).

In career, jobs and professions, many people find themselves kicked out of the door simply because they have no personal values, so it is very hard for them to conform with the core values of the organisation they find themselves in.

When you see a traffic congestion on major roads, have a proper background check to know the cause of the traffic congestion, you shouldn't be surprised to find out that it's either a driver was trying to overtake the other and another was trying to run over the other and they come to a point of congruence, thereby causing congestion. Where is the value in humanity?

The implication is that wherever there is no value, there won't be order, and consequently, there will never be progress.

It is now a state or urgency and a matter of emergency that we begin to embrace the only thing that can change the face of the remedies we have seduced and that has raped us all these years. And that thing is "values" and "value system" 
You reading this, ask yourself, what is my personal value and how steadfast am I about it?

Do you know how to talk or you're just uncouth?
Do you have a good work ethic?
Do you have the attitudes that can draw people closer to you wanting to be your friend.

Begin to think about how you can expand and grow, because as human, you can't grow with the wrong set of values, you can't grow with bad attitude, you can't grow with the wrong characters set.

As humans we are created to be dynamic, we are created to be unique and to be able to reproduce. We are meant to add new inventions and innovations, if I may ask when was the last time you created a new thing to ease the living and existence of humanity? It will be quite unfortunate if we exist without making a positive impact and be known for something great.

Your life would be worth living when you have helped people achieve their goals and fulfil their dreams. Believe it or not, but whenever you create a value you get a reward, your reward may not be in cash but in kind, be that as it may, you may not get it at instant moment but I can guarantee you that when you create value, you will be rewarded.

Making wealth doesn't mean you're creating a value, do you agree? 
Okay, let me help you understand it, a man who is in black and stays at the junction of a motor-able road to collect N50 from every vehicle passing by, makes a lot of money daily and at the end of the day, he has the feeling of fulfilment for making a huge amount of money without working so hard. But in reality, we can say he has collected bribe or he has been paid for a service he never rendered because the money has no purpose, yet he feels he is fulfilled and creating wealth but is he creating value? Capital NO!

If your services doesn't make life better then it's not valuable, if your life doesn't make humanity feel safe and making things go well, you aren't creating value. Value is what makes you identify a problem and proffer a solution.

Here's another illustration, a man who works in the bank is offering his service, if he choose to embezzle and take part of the customer's money without the knowledge of the bank, he will be creating wealth but he doesn't in anyway create value because he hasn't added to the bank and the customer positively.

In essence, when you try to manipulate your service and make people believe that you are helping, you are actually not creating any value, you are just an hypocrite. So, in order to make your service valuable and to be perfect in your dealings.
Identify a problem, create a lasting and stable solution to make things work and directly or indirectly, you will earn your reward and you will be happy. So instead of working for your selfish gain, think about others and add value!

Remember, your competition isn't local, it is global.

© Toheeb Bisiriyu

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