Many students have been found to want to get engaged in one business or the other, just for them to make ends meet. Some actually have been fending for themselves and taking care of their needs, paying the bills and still manage to leverage academics and business.

But contrary to the above, it has been observed that many students are making mistakes by trying to be here and there, finding themselves between the devil and the deep blue sea. Just because they lack the knowledge about how to balance academics and business.

Some either fail at business and do well at academics, others fail at academics and manage to do well at business, but it is so disheartening to know that alot of them fail at both academics and business.

What exactly is the problem? 

1. Failure to read

2. Fear

3. Depression

4. Little or lack of knowledge

5. Procrastination

The list may go on and on, but identifying why people fail in business or academics is not the concern of this article but the solution and how to create a balance for both.


1. Set Your Priorities Right - While some students entrepreneurs try to have it all, they work on having a good grade and also work hard to make their business grow. The first question you should ask yourself is, what do you hope to achieve with the business, also check if it's in line with your course of study and see if it's achievable while you are in school or something you have to pend till after graduation. But one thing a successful studentprenuer does is that he/she knows when to study and when to attend to business. 

You cannot be attending to business when you ought to be reading for examination. You will only be a hypocrite knowing fully well that you should be reading but wasting the time on something else, you should remember that education and getting a good grade is also a goal. Truth be told, not all classes are worth going especially when the business meeting is crucial, I know a few students who spend time in the library while the lecture is ongoing, the reason is because many of them tend not to get what's being taught in the class due to distractions, overcrowding or what have you. So, if you can set your priorities right and know the right time for classes and business, and following it judiciously, will propel you to becoming a successful studentpreneur.

2. Time Management - The most challenging encounter any studentpreneur can have is time management. Without proper time management, things may actually go haywire. Because there won't be proper arrangement between academics and business, leading to poor performance in either of them or even in both. The best way to manage your time effectively is to get a schedule of all your activities on campus including academics and business, after setting your priority, schedule each of the activities and prescribe a time for each, know when to read, know when to attend classes, know when to attend to business, know when to sleep (it's important), after knowing all these, follow it judiciously. 

3. Paying Attention to Details - The reason many students fail in their quest to becoming a business mogul is because they lack the ability to pay attention to details. Even the slightest thing should be noticed but they fail to give it a consideration because they see it as irrelevant. Trust me dear friend, the great business men you see today were very conscious about all they do without leaving a single stone unturned. No matter how small or insignificant it seems, you must attend to it, to understand it better. 

4. Don't Be in Hot Water - Another mistake studentpreneurs make is that they are always here and there, without focusing on one skill and perfecting it but jumping from one to another in order to make money or probably to master all the skills at the same time. There's something called nature and it can never be cheated. It is good to have lot of skills but it is also good to be known for one at a time. If you do not maintain a course and perfect it, you might soon be running helter-skelter for not preparing and positioning yourself properly. 

5. Turn The Lecture Room to business Room - It is not foolishness to come to class with the mindset of converting your coursemates to customers. Sell your products among other students before and after classes. Meet them in person and let them know what you do. Get their contacts, that way it will be easier for you to communicate with them and ask for their orders anytime. But not overdoing it by advertising your business in such a way that people see you as a nuisance or trying to deviate from the main course. It takes wisdom to deal with people. 

6. Hire Other Students to Work With You - While you are working so hard to become the best at what you do, If you notice that the work is becoming more tedious but seem profitable then it hight you got a helping hand, otherwise may find it difficult to cope. If your business requires that you add more hands to it, then do it. Have a good offer for your employees and make sure they are trustworthy and have the same goal and vision as you do for the business. 

7. Cut Out Negative Vibes - There's no way you won't be tempted to lose focus. Although the distractions may come in a pleasant manner, your friends may ask you to go out for a drink every weekend, or your girlfriend/boyfriend would like to visit always, or go to the cinema or even just want to hangout for a chit-chat. Well, if you do not know when to say No and when to say Yes, you will answer to it later. If they are your true friends, they will respect your decision and understand that you have something more important to deal with at the moment. Any other time is right to catch fun. 

8. Take Good Care of Yourself - No one ever wishes or plan to fall sick, but it's a fact we all hate to note. If you do not take care of your health, sooner than expected you will fall sick and that will be a barrier to your business and academics. You must look good always and take care of your body, your dressing and your appearance because when you look good, your customers will find you more attractive. So, have your bath, brush teeth, keep nice hair, eat good food, wear good clothes, wear a nice perfume and stay healthy always. Finally and most important way of taking care of yourself, is to SLEEP well. 

9. Keep Good Communication - Often time, most people in business tend to forget their love ones such as family and friends. These people needs you to help them shapen their lives and you also need them in yours to help you identify areas you are not doing well and missing it, love them truly and care for them always, stay in touch and make them happy because no one will be available when you need help if you don't carry them along. Also check yourself up from time to time, it is a good thing to have personal discussion with yourself.

10. Stay Close to God - Nothing good comes easy, but with God all things are possible. Never for once imagine that the things you do, are by your powers or thoughts. It is not of him that's willing, nor him that's running but God Almighty that shows mercy. So, always pray for good success and the mercy of God will make this possible.

Thanks for reading! 

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