The liquid content of our fresh fruits is all that makes up the fresh juices we take. Full of many health benefits, fresh juice is one of the most loved drinks in demand in the country. These juices are made out of fruits. Whether it is apple, or orange, or even pineapple, all these fruits can be manufactured or produced into fresh juices which serves as huge source of nutrients to the body system.

Fresh juices are all round nutritional drinks taken either during relaxation,or even at parties. Our regular 5Alive, Chivita and so many others are examples of fresh juices in the country right now and it is visible to note the demand for these products in Nigeria.

Fresh juice business is a lucrative and very rewarding business. It is business that can serve as a means of getting some little income. The capital for starting the business is generally not expensive as just few products are needed to come about making your own fresh juice. It is a business that has a great potential as you can make good returns from its production. It is also important to note that starting small is mostly advised in business opportunities like this.

One of the major keys to the success of this business is also knowing the target market. As you expect to introduce your product to the public, it is imperative that you make proper research in your locality to find out where fresh juice is best sold. This will help you place your produce at the most viable target points, either shops or malls, or any other location you feel best. Knowing about the competition in the business is also important. There are a few companies or individuals also involved in the fruit juice business and you can be creative to as to be a good competitor in the sector and also to draw lots of customers. You can visit the market or make your own research about other products and look for a way to be a stand out. All these will ensure that you get more customers and also make enough profits. For profits, you can be sure to make huge amounts depending on your location or target market.

With some few steps below, you should be able to get enough information about fresh juice and start making your profits from the business.

1. Picking an area of concentration.
As we all know, fresh juices are mostly produced from fresh fruits and in this step, you have to pick the fruit in which you want to specialize in. Note that, all fresh fruits are all good products for juices and depending on the one you want, you're ready for business.

2. Writing a business plan
Though it might be optional, but it is as well necessary. Here, after picking an area of concentration, you draft a plan which would include things needed for the business, how you plan to market it, how you expect to start slow and expand later as well as setting aside a capital which not be beyond your capacity.

3. Get necessary Knowledge/Experience needed
Here, you get enough information about the business, and possible ways to stand out. Having a unique product is as a result of good information and better experience. You can go online and get needed information or visit YouTube and see different ways in which you can have your unique juice. If neccesary, you can also decide to take some lessons on how it's done or give yourself time so as to perfect your unique style before its out for sale.

4. Raw materials needed and where to find them
Some of the materials needed includes Fruits which the most important raw material as the juice to be produced comes from the fruits. Also, Sweeteners are needed, this is a important part of most fruit juices and sugar is mostly used. Preservatives are also one of the important raw materials needed. It will ensure that the juice lasts for a long period of time without spoilage. The most common preservatives include sodium benzoate, citric acids and sodium metabisulphate. It is advised that the preservatives be healthy for consumption before using them. You can get suppliers for these products and they can also be found in markets depending on your choice.

5. Buy your equipments
This is where most of your capital come into play. For juice making or production, you might not need more than the juice extractor which you'll use in extracting the liquid contents from the fruits. Fresh as it comes from the extractor is always more appealing to lovers of fresh juice even without use of any processing or addictives. You will also need bottles for sale and probably a label. These can be gotten from a market.

6. Best location for your business
In a business like fruit juice, you will need a place that is close to the public, somewhere with a lot of human traffic. It might be close to a major road network, the business area of the city or a market that has a high patronage. Make sure the location is well accessible, attractive with very neat surroundings, highly secure and has good electricity supply. You should ensure that the place is not too far from where you get supplies, this will help reduce costs on delivery of raw materials.

7. Amount of money needed
As far as I know,  you might not need more that N50000. This includes the money for the registration of your business. A juice extractor costs not more than N10,000 on Jumia. This would also cover for all the raw materials to be bought and of course, for marketing.

8. Business name, registration and licensing
This involves getting a business name and also getting registered under corporate affairs commission and get needed license to get started.

9. Advertise your business.
Here, you visit local outlets around you and inform them about your business. You can also go through social media to advertise your products.

Key points to note.
*The business can be handled by a single person or at most a group of 3 people just probably to ease the stress.
* Above all, get enough knowledge about the speciality you're going into. Take some time and visit YouTube and see how these juices are made. For example, if you're interested in fresh orange juice, check and watch videos to see how it's done. YouTube offers free videos for chances like this, so you get a chance to learn for free.
* Another thing is to get registered. This is important. Visit appropriate bodies and get registered. Get a NAFDAC number and also all registration details done so as to have approval and license to sell your product to the public.
Here are also a few tips that could help:
* You can get your fruits directly from farmers if you can. That makes it easier for you to get freshly harvested fruits.
* Use preservatives, as you expect your drink to last for a long time.
* Keep them nutritious i.e. ensure that at point of production, they still have nutritional benefits. It is very advisable to keep the juice or fruits fresh from extraction.
With these, you are good to go and get ready to start your juice business. It is easy and extremely a good business opportunity.

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