Environment is the sum total of all surroundings of human, including natural forces and other living things, which provide conditions for development and growth as well as of danger and damage.
You would agree with me that most young people of this generation are prone to danger due to the kind of environment they find themselves.

Your kind of environment has alot of impacts in your life, career and destiny. Someone who was privileged to be born into a rich family at a very serene and well developed environment wouldn't understand what a hard life really is all about, because he/she is being monitored, supervised and guarded day in and day out. People who are mostly affected by the environment are the poor.

I understand that your parents are not financially buoyant, so it is difficult  to attend your choice of school, that is why you want to cut corners to be rich in no time and because you also want to feel among you have joined bad gang.

One of the most obvious ways environment affects human behavior is by creating a feeling of either safety or insecurity. Humans living in environments where they feel safe are more likely to create, learn and be productive, while humans living in insecure environments are likely to use most of their energy on survival and self-protection.

The environment can also impact how much stress or discomfort people feel. Studies in hospitals have shown that as little as five minutes of exposure to nature every day can reduce stress and improve moods. This can be as simple as looking out a window at a natural setting.
Studies also show that economic and social environments strongly influence people, especially children. Families that adhere to rigid gender roles are likely to have children who follow those rules.

Economic circumstances and academic encouragement are also important. Children who grow up in poor homes and without much parental support for their studies generally do poorly in school compared to their more affluent and supported peers, even if they have roughly the same amount of natural intelligence. They also often have a higher number of behavioral disorders.
I was born and bred in a community where my house is next to the street, there was no fence, no security, no gate and no privacy except when you are in your room. Whenever I come out from my house, It is usually a direct contact to the street. I am talking about the street where lots of activities go on, it is a place where if you are not wise you will be duped, used and dumped, a place where you are always checking yourself to make sure nothing is missing in your body.

It was a place where old people don't behave as such, they act like young people and have become the godfathers to many vagabonds on the street, and the young people no longer have respect and have become wayward. The girls no longer have a single shame, virginity that ought to be their pride has been given out as a birthday gift to unworthy guys who tend to have no plans for themselves let alone to have plans for the girls.

The street has become a place where how you dress no longer matter, a place where education has become irrelevant, a place where immorality has become rampant, school dropouts everywhere, rascals and bullies everywhere, gambling has become a day to day activity since there was no job, their only means of earning is to stake and risk all they have to get what they want.

Many secondary school girls have become mothers unwillingly, others destinies have been truncated as a result of the series of abortions committed. The boys who are meant to be great men of honor, great leaders and future ambassadors to represent the nation have become armed robbers, pick pockets, idle, jobless and what have you.
Smoking in the community has become a lifestyle, boys and girls now do it, it has become a norm that no one sees it as bad.

This is what I witnessed while growing up but inspire of the things I have seen and amidst all the tribulations, I choose not to become one of them. No matter how much you have been influenced by your environment, never let it get to your head, because you can still be the difference maker.


In dealing with your environment, you need to make up your mind that you are fully ready to step out of the box. You don't have to be like others or be influenced by others.
Here are few steps to dealing with your environment;

• Parent and children's talk:
This is one of the best ways to build self confidence, because by having regular conversation with your parents, guardian and reputable elder and taking advice will always remind you of whom you are and the thought of involving yourself in bad acts won't be your priority.

• Be careful of your curiosity:
"Curiosity kills the cat"
Don't try to test everything you see around you, sometimes friends may tempt you, learn to say NO.
Each one of us sometimes gets lost in the endless and winding paths of existence. It is in these moments that we feel confused and out of control. During this time we become helpless, wander aimlessly, and easily get hurt by life.

• Peer pressure: Avoid friends and peers who influence you to go against your will and indulge you to do bad things. Determine your choice of friends.

• Your looks:
Imagine that you are standing in front of a mirror and you see your ugly face staring back at you (just as you've always thought). You despise your body and hate your figure. This reminds you of everyone's laughter when you walk past them. Well, you have a very good reason to laugh right back at them.
You are not the way you look. You are not defined by your physical appearance.

Unlike those mean kids in school and other tyrants in the neighborhood, you are more than what they see. Gain confidence in your body and remember – smiling people look nicer and cooler! There is nothing to be ashamed of, if you wear braces or spectacles, or if your body shape doesn't meet someone else's beauty standard. That's not who you really are.

• Other people's judgment:
Have you ever restrained yourself from doing something you wanted? Something you liked? I am afraid you have. We all have unfortunately. But what, I wonder, held us back from doing what we found enjoyable?
Whispers, gossips, rumors... Stop listening to them, you don't need them. As long as what you are doing is right, please keep up the good work.

• Your hardships: You are not rich today because God wants you to learn how to be frugal with money when you finally become rich.
So, please don't be discouraged by your immediate suffering and hardships.

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