It is not an easy thing to decide what to do and follow the decision. In fact, it is one big issue that everyone needs to be conscious of, because not everyone who makes a decision actually follows it, let alone to do it. Often times, I have made the decision to stop some provoking and annoying habits, leave behind some attitudes and lifestyle, but as much as I tried, it feels like I was wasting my time, I just couldn't decide and do it. 

Until a point where I feel I have had too much and couldn't go further, was when I stood my ground, I listed the things I do not want anymore and wrote the things I wanted so badly and as I get over each one of them, I put a check on it. And ever since then, I became better. 

There are cases where I get report from friends who engage in all kinds sexual activities that makes them feel uncomfortable and unhappy whenever they reminisce their past, many have done abnominable things they never imagined as a result of the decision they made few years back. But difficult to turn a new leaf because of their indecision and probably because of the feeling of sweetness and enjoyment from the acts, but you must know that no matter how interesting a thing is, if it is not real and good, it is not ideal.

Making it through life, moving forward is through decision and action. To be a high achiever you must decide and do!
Many times we become overwhelmed by our challenges and issues in life, we become afraid and unsure. We become discouraged and just expect things to fall in place naturally, truth is this is a risky approach to living, to be confident about your future; you must make a decision and act on it today.

Your indecision will cost your future, make a decision and get hold of your future.

We know there are some important decisions we need to make immediately to avert some future problems and challenges; but we just lack the guts and keep going back and forth till it’s too late.
You know your ignorance would soon expose and embarrass you and you know you need to read and improve yourself, yet you have not and cannot just sit and read, the clock is ticking; you’re really worried and scared but you keep dismissing the fear and suppressing your anxiety. Why can’t you just do what is needful and secure your job and career future? 

Why are you undecided, why can’t you just do it?
When you know you have issues and challenges, and you refuse to deliberately face it and deal with it, you become uncomfortable, unhappy; anxious and distracted. Taking decisions and action always mark a turning point in one’s life. Everything else flows with and after a decision has been made. There are so many things a man cannot do, decide or act upon pertaining to marriage if the woman he’s wooing is yet to say yes. After she says yes, many things would then begin to take shape, make sense and fall in place. Learn to make good decisions and act on them immediately, it’s the skill and discipline of successful people.

You know it’s time you sat down and carry out real self-development; it’s time to sat down and read and develop yourself, but you just won’t, you love football and love to hang out with the guys and you love fashion; your looks is top of mind and you need to shop regularly for clothes, make your hair and do what other trendy ladies do.

I know many are reluctant today because they are unsure of the outcomes and they are afraid of making mistakes because they indulge in self-pity and hate regrets; guess what, there is nothing wrong with mistakes because it’s not finite, there is what is called correction – making the wrong right. Make the attempt, make the mistake, correct your mistake, get it right and make progress. It’s far better than not moving at all. A mistake is the reason why a pencil has eraser.

Are you having an upcoming examination? 
Do you plan to get married? 
Are you planning on travelling abroad?
Do you want to take a scholarship?
Are you tired of living a life of sin? 
Do you want to improve in academics? 
Then make up your mind today, make a decision and do it, may God help you! 

To be an achiever you don’t always have to make the right decision, it’s about making decisions right, so when you miss it, correct it, that’s the path to achievements. Accept feedback and self-correct, you will always gain. Making mistakes is part of life and it is what builds you to become a better person after you realise your faults and make amends. 
It is high time you started making decisions and act on them. List the things you do not want anymore, try as much as possible to stop them, and put a check on each of them as you make the decision to overcome them. 

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