NO TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: The effects on children

"As i am lost to confusion, never having the liberty to see clearly who exactly runs the world for I am in between words and worlds, having it hard to decipher accuracy as to who owns sovereignty as regards the fabrics of creation, as I am left to ponder and wonder on the creativity of the creator and creatures, as man continues to build castles in air, having to stand on them as principals of their time.

I watch with amazement as I think if power has been delegated to them to act in place of the creator, nevertheless my heart is sealed in focus, for achievements would never have me doubting the sovereignty of the master, and though we make cars and buildings and robotic creations, I'm yet to know man who could make blood, for blood is life and this seems to be the too great to be conceived in my mind and neither could it be placed in terms of who dictates as the final authority, for in the end we would be under one platform, being judged by the creator himself."

These were actually my thoughts until I heard a very loud noise from the other room in our house, alas it was my mother and step father. He had wanted to go out but broke, hence couldn't provide for the family to fend, instead of having a mutual agreement and understanding, he chose to cause chaos so that things may go wrong and my mother won't be able to get money from him.
As she made effort to make him bring money, she received beating and battering.

Late usually at nights, I always wake to a particular sound, an abnormal ringing in my head, an alert that taunts my body from sleep, as my ears are awake to the sounds that comes next door, what I hear is both lines communicating, using harsh words in relations to one and the other, of course mum had started with dad again, giving it to him the way she deems it fit, as I grew to thinking that men are cruel beings who crave for nothing but just the feminine body and all that it possess.

As the morning breeze struck my skin, leaving my every pore to the noise from within, mum had started again, rattling in a vocal brawl with dad, as he demanded for it again, the demand wasn't the case, as I listened this time to define the argument, mum was using the medium to collect things from him, o my goodness! She only gave it to him when she was about to collect something in return, closing the gates to her legs when dad denied to render her demand with supply, as terror kept meeting with dad at night, for his urge couldn't be quenched with just a fight, he defiled the bed with another woman, one who respected his desires whether he return them with her wishes or not, so I had to deal with two mothers at the end, but it was worth it because life has taught me a lesson through this experience and another.

Effects of domestic violence on children. 

This same experience of domestic violence has rendered many children homeless, fatherless and motherless. It has caused so much damaged to their lives beyond repair. Many got beaten in the quest of trying to separate the parents from fighting, others got injured and some children have been killed as a result of this devilish device called domestic violence.

When children experience this situation they tend to undergo trauma and life may seem unenjoyable rather than get the best of life. Children who undergo this experience are likely to be depressed and many end up committing suicide because the essence of life has not really been defined and what they experience about it is just pain and sorrow. So they are likely to feel ostracised and exempted making them become terrorists and bad influence to the community. I can actually go on and on.

I am a victim of domestic violence there are too many things to discuss as to the effects of domestic violence on children, but here is just one of my experiences as a growing child. Life has really not been easy and ever since my mother and father separated, life took a new turn in my life.
You can imagine how a growing child would survive with a single mother in a community full of lions and wolves.

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