NO TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Message to all woman beaters and mutilation

All you women beaters, lend me your ears!
I have a problem with men who beat women, be it their wife, sister, mother, neighbour or stranger. How do you muster enough heartlessness to raise your hands against such beautiful creatures of God?? Some say it is due to anger and others say it is as a result of frustration. Seriously?

Do women look like anger therapists on which you can exorcise the demon tormenting you? Listen, no matter how highly placed you are in a society, if you are a wife beater, you are nothing but a thug!
I stand to be corrected but in this article, I really want to be blunt and so I may not mind what I say because I want you to feel it exactly the way it is.

And for those who beat their mother, I hope you were not cursed? If not, then why are you attracting curses into your life? If you need something to punch, why not get a sand-filled bag and hoist somewhere in your compound or backyard, so that when the madness comes, you can punch away to your heart's delight? When you took marital vows, did you pledge to kill the woman? So why are you breaking the marriage law? Know ye not that every wife beater is a potential murderer that will have his own life ruined eventually? When the man gave his daughter to you as wife, did he tell you he had offered her as a living sacrifice? So why do you spill her blood at every slight provocation???

And to you, who is a law enforcement officer reading this, listen to me. First, you must respect the law to enforce it effectively. If you are a wife beater yourself, you stand condemned. Do not treat cases of grievous harm arising from domestic violence with levity. It is not everything you will be taught in the Police College and Academy. You have much more to teach yourself. Respect for sanctity of life. No one has the right to take the life of another person except as prescribed by the law. But do not wait until you have murder case on your hands before you apply the law on that wife beater. Wife beating is a criminal offence.

When the woman has been seriously injured, do not just make yourself a peace maker by preaching like an evangelist, but enforce the law. Throw the man into the cell and charge him to court. That way he will not graduate into a murderer believing nothing will happen. Be prepared for blackmail. He will accuse you of sleeping with his wife. As long as you are not doing so, you have nothing to worry about.

Woman, when he hits you the first time, it may be
happenstance. The second time may be coincidence. When it happens regularly in an increasingly severe manner, it would be time to hold sprinter conversation with your feet. You
cannot come and die.

I know you made a promise to stay with your husband come what may, hence bearing the pain. But I have a question for you, have you not seen reports of women being murdered by their husbands? Why then do you have to risk your life just to defend your home and the promises you made?

It is quite unfortunate that alot of women have lost their lives as a result of their foolishness and gullible  character, sorry to say.

"If you are not wise enough to know when to flee and when to stay, then your life is at stake."

Now, back to the men who beat the women in their lives, I will like to implore you to take a break, sit back and reflect on how your life has been, since you started misbehaving with the women or don't you consider it to be a misbehavior? Anyways, here is my advice to you.
1. Seek forgiveness
Seek forgiveness from any woman you might have laid your hands on as a form of battering and beating, because without a proper forgiveness from these ones, even God may not forgive you.

2. See beating a woman as devilish.
When you consider that beating your woman is an act of the devil to manipulate you to destroy your home, then you will know that stopping is the right option. How would you feel, If you beat and killed your wife or female child and you eventually end in jail? I do not wish such for you, do you wish that for yourself?

3. It is high time you knew that your home is on fire.
Domestic violence don't just happen, it all starts from using abusive words, not caring for each other and provocative attitudes that annoys the other party. When this happens there is a possibility that you or the other party may not be able to persevere and bear the words being said to them, as I believe that words are like two edged sword, once said it can either hurt you or the hearer of the word or even both parties.

I am sure you know women are submissive and very tender, so little words not properly guided may hurt their feelings. So, don't expect them to be quiet or gentle when you say those provocative statements to them.
It is advisable to guide every of your words and also monitor to correct every statement that may hurt anyone in your home.

4. Turn a new leaf
It pays no gain trying to prove to be macho by beating the woman and children God has blessed you with. After praying for a happy home and blessed with a Godly family, why destroy it yourself?
If you are guilty of this act, you are a contributor to domestic violence, and any contributor to this act is a guilty of the law. Do you want to live your life feeling guilty and marked as a bad person? If no, then why don't you consider having a new heart and turn a new leaf. Try this and you will see that God will continue to bless you and things will turn around for good for you.

In summary, I enjoin the society to wake up to its responsibility. Stop tolerating or justifying violence against women. It is ungodly, it is uncalled for, it is in-humane, and it is inappropriate.
God created them Soft and beautiful. And it is MEN's duty to protect them all. God help you!

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