Tottenham Vs Liverpool: A Tale of Comebacks and Belief!

This is Football, anything can happen. So they say!

Last week, a lot of people would've have believed that Liverpool and Tottenham will be kicked out of the Champions League. Of course, why not believe? Barca had a three goal advantage over Liverpool, so did Ajax have a goal lead, which happens to be an away goal against Tottenham.

Even I believed, as much as I didn't like Barcelona, being a Real Madrid fan, I just knew they would kill the game at the so called fortress called Anfield. Of course, a three goal lead in the champions league is not a joke, especially that it happens to be Barca. Firmino still sidelined and Salah getting injured during the weekend game was all but further confirmation that "Oh, Liverpool has jaa".

For Tottenham, I wanted it to happen. I just wanted them to get to the final which meant beating Ajax. If you've been following, you'll know why.

Fast forward to today, there's an all English final at hand come June 1st. Liverpool against Tottenham, against all odds.

Incredible thinking from Trent Alexander Arnold and a wonderful finish from Divock Origi was enough to put Barca out after the aggregate had been equalled. And just as Arsene Wenger said, Anfield proves to be the stadium you don't want to go for a return leg.

On the other hand, Tottenham had to leave it late. Ajax lead the game at half time, two goals up, but yet again, another miraculous turnaround. Lucas Moura scored all three goals with the winner coming on the stroke of the additional five minutes. I mean, one minute Ajax was wasting time and keeping the ball, then the next, a series of wonderful passes gets to Lucas and he made no mistake.

I know some people must have missed that goal. Even Pochettino could not believe it as tears rolled down his eyes. You can't just expect that kind of thing to happen.

These victories join a series of other comebacks in the UCL this season. Manchester United, Juve, even Ajax have all had moments like that during this Super knockout stage.

This wasn't luck. It wasn't Magic. It was a mix of Hard work, Team Spirit and a "Never Say Never" belief. Now we all wait for June 1st, to see what wonders will happen again. An all English Final. What a season!

It's not just football, this gives a lesson to never stop believing and always trust in yourself and what you do, because, you never know. Anything can happen!

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