APPRECIATING MY FATHER - For the Love he bestows

Appreciating my father because I was birthed with a loud cry when I came from in between my mother's legs, as I let out a loud whimp, and those in blue emerged to bear me in their arms, a great day it was because a glorious child was born, and what more could I ever ask for, what more could surpass the joy on the faces and the hearts of the people I saw, as I received gifts, lots of kisses from different lips, all for free to a beautiful pearl like me. I actually was unable to differentiate what is what but I saw some weeping turned into laughter, I finally was in the hands of the one I shared blood with.

All I see at that moment was their eyes passing a message across, a message of joy, as time stopped indeed as all I could see was the world in your arms, for you taught me love, though the world was harsh, and never would I forget how you stood by me during the times I fell, as I tried to move from crawling into walking, the transition and pain I felt, and those times you gave me a pat on the back and told me that I still would run even when i hadn't started walking, for you saw every potential in me as you kept my eyes from sleeping, you also gave me dreams to keep them open.

Indeed you do not just define fatherhood, you define what blood really means to me, let time move over and over again, one thing I'd be grateful forever for, was to fall into the arms of such one as you, for you birthed not just a lad, but the giant that rested in me.
And I wouldn't forget the way mum looks at you, surely how the eyes connected then, tells me how proud and lucky she feels to have you, and when the hands of both of you clung together, I felt a movie had started, because my thoughts dates into the imagination of how you both started, I see the glitter in her eyes, that spark only comes from a happy woman, although she wouldn't really have been so happy, but because she became a fulfilled woman.

I really look up to being like you, but I guess I would be spanked by you, because you have always taught me to be better than you, and sure it is not because you are not an angel, in fact you are more than an angel because you're specially God's sent. Even though you have your flaws and at some point you feel you are not competent and your inadequacies as human makes you feel down, but let me ask you dad, could we really compare the love and care to your shortcomings? No dad!

You are not just special, you are specially created and moulded. That's why you were gifted with a child like me because I am a replica of greatness bestowed upon you by God. If I could keep writing dad, I will never stop to appreciate you.
I enjoy how you correct and guide me, I have never being afraid of relating with or panic about pouring my heart to you on any issue going on within me and around me.

You never fail to take up responsibility with commitment and you are forever my guardian, my counsellor, correcting in love and rebuking with care.
A good good father you are, thank you for not stopping there, thank you for being a good husband, surely I will make your wish come true, surely I will be better than you, I am happy I found no one else to be my scale but you.

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             Letter to my father
                                      by Tewogboye Fagbemi.

When I think of the goodness you've done for me, the love and happiness you've brought into my life, I would have a written a whole book without getting tired, but as it stands, I am proud to be called your son. Even though you are not here, I just want you to know that my love for you has grown beyond the measurable.

I don't know how to commensurate your love for me but I am proud to be called yours, I appreciate the fact that you brought me to the world and we bear the same name. If only you were here, I would have said so many kind words to you. But since you are not, I just want you to know that on this special day, I am proud of you, I love you and you will forever remain in my heart, I love you so much daddy, and I will miss you forever and always!

I reckon with you as my father and I celebrate you sir, God bless you wherever you are (I know you are resting on the bossom of the Lord) and may you continue to be my good father, I will remember you and pray for you always, until we meet again my father Tewogboye Peter Olowokere.

Happy Father's Day! 

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