I remember when I had to travel from state to state in Nigeria, specifically from Delta to Ogun state, it felt like forever at the first time, since I used the bus transit, I was almost giving up and throwing the towel, because my feet hurt so bad, there was a time I couldn't take it anymore but I just had to hang on.
I felt like hanging my boots at some point, but I knew in the long run, no amount of anger, or hissing, or gnashing of teeth, could bring me any closer in my journey. So, why am I complaining?

Two things I had to do was to HOLD ON and be PATIENT.……..kindly note the two words. I guess this is a word for someone.

I know exactly how it feels like hell to read for that annoying and strenuous course I'm school, and I know how it feels like going through the eye of a needle, to keep loving that person who keeps throwing stones at you, sweetheart just hang on! I know at some point you feel like all hope is lost, because you've put so much effort into seeing that your spiritual life takes some weight, but you feel carnality is eating you deep.

You feel the boots should just be hung at this point, because you have read all you could in school, and came out with a very good result, but yet couldn't find a job! I definitely understand the feeling, that your feet hurts, and you just want to alight at the next bus stop because you don't want to have that patient anymore.

But dear friend, that bus stop isn't yours, just HANG ON. Don't just wish and live your life by chance, get up and try harder, I know you feel like you are sinking in the sand, don't be lost in it dear, you will survive it. For there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Depression may set in but giving up is not an option, never think of taking your life, suicide should never be something you consider an option. Your life should be an inspiration not a warning to others.
This brings me to the thoughts I have everytime I remember my generation and I realised there is hope for the coming generation.

At some point I am also lost in thoughts and lost to confusion, never having the liberty to see clearly who exactly runs the world for I am in between words and worlds, having it hard to decipher accuracy as to who owns sovereignty as regards the fabrics of creation, as I am left to ponder and wonder on the creativity of the creator and creatures, as man continues to build castles in air, having to stand on them as principals of their time.

I watch with amazement as I think if power has been delegated to them to act in place of the creator, nevertheless my heart is sealed in focus, for achievements would never have me doubting the sovereignty of the master, and though we make cars and buildings and robotic creations, I am yet to know any man who could make blood, for blood is life and this seems to be the superiority my mind could place in terms of who dictates as the final authority, for in the end we would be under one platform, being judged by the creator himself.

I feel my body clogged around with pain, as my heart shatters into tiny bits, words failed me and my knees get weak, having weeks pass as I watch with awe, wondering if the past was suppose to be better than the present, with hands on my chin, lost in thoughts as I engage the lips of my heart in a conversation with my self, wishing for the times in the story I heard, stories of the generation before ours, the generation when men wanted to work, and women wanted something more than marriage, a time when fathers knew every bit about their sons, and mothers educated their girls well

Girls were seen as stars for they adorned themselves with apparels that do cover, when honesty was the bread for the day and integrity was everyone's coffee, a coffee that kept everyone's eyes on check, at some point I want to wipe my lenses, as I think its all just one night made, but over and over again my eyes are opened to the same delima, a picture imperfect, one I wish could change at some point, as I anticipate the moments I heard, for the bed time stories mama shared, having to wish they weren't just folk tales, when men were men and women were women, boys strived to be men, and girls strived to be women of virtues, everyone knew his place, I wish for those moments as I find myself in a vacuum of thoughts, worried about the coming generation.

Lost for words, I wouldn't know how to describe, for time has really gone beyond sixty seconds, or so I thought, as I beheld the transition in my generation, the drastic change and evolvement, when great granny used bicycles in her time, and we are left with metallic objects that emit gas, it leaves me with awe, for granny would look back and give a thumbs up, when she used candle sticks and now we are left with oval shaped objects that emit different colours of light, leaving my room with different glows, at times I'm forced to think the rainbow found abode with me, I'm lost for words indeed when it comes to appreciation, and nevertheless my generation has some thorns beneath it sleeves.

However it never underules the fact that previous generations would commend this time, for the transformation, as for this, my thoughts go wild as to thinking the next phase for the destination of my generation, for in deed I must confess that wishes do come true, and the sky is truly the starting point and there is hope for the coming generation!

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