Do these three things then you would succeed faster than your thought.

1. Have a dream, then be crazy about it.

2. Do not listen to outer voices, listen to your inner voice.

3. Keep the hustle.

It is very possible to plunge into a pool and be stuck there even though you can see the edge, and have all the confidence in the world.

Lots of time when people give pieces of advice on success, they tend to ignore the most important ingredient ;

The three pieces of advice above cannot be applied to any field and bring out success on its own.

The process for swimming is quite different from dancing. Matter of fact, the process for breast stroke in swimming is quite different from butterfly stroke.

As much as mindset is important, the process which is more important seem to be neglected.

Is there a shortcut to success?
Yes, definitely. There is always a shortcut to everything and the shortcut to success is safer and more reliable.
What people describe as shortcut to success is only a long tunnel leading to frustration.
Here is how to get on the fastest lane to success.

1. Know what you want to do: There are a million and hundred different professions, activities, tasks, whatever to do on this planet.

So the first step is to be specific with what you want to do. Do you want to go into writing Or singing or dancing? Specificity is key.

2. Understand the process : Sit down, get the manual and read till the end.
This is where the issue is. There is simply no way you can jump into a pool and swim to the other end if you do not know how to balance your weight and streamline your body.

Ironically, the shortcut to success seem to be the long run. The hard road, the one that requires more of thinking and researches.
It all looks confusing if you begin the journey down this long path to success but I tell you, it is the fastest path.

There is a twist ahead.

This is how it plays out.
Those on the other side on the road begin the journey with a jog, then a run, then a glide.

Unfortunately, when they get to the twist, there's a halt and there is confusion.
Most of those people who journeyed out took the wrong path eventually.
While on the seemingly long journey, once you begin, you begin with a crawl and a climb and a drag and a push.

You do all these because you are trying to understand the map. You are studying the process, you are trying and experimenting, you are piloting and testing.
Once you get to the twist, you cross to the safer side easily.

Is it easy to be a successful writer in a short time?

But it is the exact opposite of what people mostly say. They say just keep writing and eventually you would be good.

That is as lame as failure itself. Writing has a road map. Seek to understand it. It can be actually difficult but it is the only reliable shortcut.

It saves you from constant effort to quit out of frustration because you know what and how to do.

This can be applied to any one million and one activity you want to engage in.
As much as you understand the process. Trust the process.

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