About Us

The Pro-Active Youth Empowerment - PAYE is a platform organised by young talented entrepreneurs with the desire to solve educational and unemployment problems in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. 


The Pro-Active Youth Empowerment (PAYE) program was engendered out of a burning desire to meet the need of the entire Nigerian youth populace and students. The organisation is keen on providing the youths with skills, trainings, exposing them to the art of Leadership via Leadership and Entrepreneurship Summits, Intellectual Building Workshops, Financial Independent Programs, to establish a platform for helping the youths develop a positive mindset and to enhance academic performance. 


We envision a generation of youth that is independent in all gamuts of life; leadership, entrepreneurship, intellectual and what have you?

To see Nigeria become one of the top countries with leading entrepreneurs, with every of her youth empowered with at least one skill thereby beating the international standard.

Motto: Building a useful youth

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