ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT: Help Save Our Community From Degradation

We can save this present generation from going down the drain by keeping our environment clean, and we can as well save the future generation if we all get involved and teach ourselves the essence of environmental hygiene and proper waste disposal.

The issue of Climate change and beat plastic pollution that the world is talking about, started years ago, this is due to the negligence of the past generations, who took no step in tackling any of the rising environmental issues and today we are all bearing the negative consequences of their ignorance. 
Over the years, the rate at which the environment is being polluted is fast rising and gaining more prominence especially in Africa. We could see how many plastics and PET bottles are being recovered from the sea yearly. We could see also how many areas have been affected and growing to become slums due to the mismanagement and improper disposal of waste. 

"If everyone keeps his frontage clean, the whole world will be clean."

We cannot continue to fold our arms and act like it's no man's business, we must rise up to save humanity, we must rise up to tackle the environmental degradation, we must restore back our environment to normal and make sure it becomes a safe place for all. 

Do you ever imagine heaven on earth? Do you ever think that our environment can become like the garden of Eden, where we can all live happily, eat whatever we want, sleep wherever and whenever we want, walk and also work without fear of contamination or any disease. Raise our children and watch them grow healthily. That's the type of environment we envisage.
The environmental degradation is as a result of our lackadaisical attitude. We can see for many years, there has been series of inventions and developments, beautiful and powerful cars have been manufactured, different companies and factories are being built, most of these industries were leveraging heavy machines for mass production of different products, several aquatic areas have been filled with sand, leading to the depletion of the ozone layer and climate change. Which is now everyone's complain! 

By inference from our research we can deduce that soil contamination or soil pollution as part of land degradation is caused by the presence of xenobiotic chemicals or other alteration in the natural soil environment. It is typically caused by industrial activity, agricultural chemicals, or improper disposal of waste. Making it difficult to have a germinated crops and plants. 
With the high rate of pollution ranging from air, water, land or what have you, which is becoming unbearable, has become a major concern of our team. So, we hereby propose to you; Operation Cleanup Isolu (OCI) which is a social impact project aimed at sensitizing the community indigenes on the need for environmental hygiene and sanitation and how this can serve as a tool for nation-building.

We intend to start this mission at isolu which we believe is one of the polluted land areas in Abeokuta. We are projecting Odeda Waste Disposal Centre because the volume of waste released in every hostel weekly is more than two drums of waste, as if that's not enough, students dispose waste anyhow because they lack the understanding and/or overlook the implications of improper disposal of waste.

Another reason we are targeting this area is because we have found that the house owners don't see it as a responsibility and so do not have any plan for proper waste disposal, all they are concerned about is their yearly revenue from students.

It is high time we showed high sense of responsibility by taking actions towards the environmental sanitation and sustainability of our community.
Hence, we propose a five- day program tagged: OPERATION CLEAN ISOLU (OCI), taking place between 1st – 5th of June. 
Featuring: cleanup exercise, training of the project volunteers and interested indigenes of isolu community on simple recycling techniques and how to monetize waste and sensitization of the community indigenes and students’ stakeholders of the community on the essence of environmental hygiene and proper waste disposal, the cleanup exercise will take place at Isolu-cele and isolu-funis while the trainings and sensitization will take place at FUNAAB and Muslim High School open field.
We as OCI volunteers see it as utmost responsibility to share the news of the ever- increasing worst state of isolu community and we will never relent until something is done about it. 

Join us as we create this awareness, we believe in a greener world, we believe in an environment free of disease, contamination and death. Together we can achieve this! 

Thanks for reading, please share for others to be aware! 

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  1. Wow!, I am happy to be part of this movement. The whole world should get ready. We are storming isolu.

  2. I am happy to hear this from you, I believe we will make a very positive impacts.

  3. Please when is the program starting?


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