When we pray!

When we converse in the secret place, when we shut the door against the world, and open our hearts to the father in the high place, I hope we understand the transactions we make in this phase?

I hope we understand what we do when we pray? Bros wait, what do you do when your entire prayer request has been answered?
Do you chill, do you relax, do you think it's over when all your problems have been solved? Do you shut your mouth and keep the prayer mat in the dust?

Do you cease your tongues and keep your teeth jammed together? Do we altogether become dumb, because we have nothing to pray for?
What exactly keeps your prayer mat turned on? I hope you know as we have banks in the natural world so we have banks in the spirit world.

We have a bank for riches and treasures, we have a faith bank, we also have a prayer bank and many more, as we never get tired of filling our bank accounts in this world, so should we never get tired of filling our banks in the spirit realm, this is the secret to continuous praying, giving, tithing and so on.

Having an understanding that you are banking, saving up some treasures in the heavens, did you also know the tongues given to you was to help you communicate better in the realm of the spirit?

When you know not what to pray anymore be amuse your understanding is weak, we burst in tongues, conversing with the spirit, speaking mysteries, for Elijah was a man of like passion, who prayed earnestly, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the holy ghost, for the father knows those things that you need, as he ask of you is to build your faith, not your prayer point, build your faith, when he has answered all your request, keep building your faith, this is a secret to keep firing in the place of prayer.

We plant missiles with our tongue, we don't just pray, no we don't!
There is an intimacy we have in the secret place with the spirit, we impregnate the day before it starts and so when there is a casting down, we legislate in the spirit on behalf of others and ourselves.

Building up ourselves on our most holy faith, praying in tongues, we speak mysteries, we don't just pray, we converse directly with God almighty, we burst in open flames, surrounding ourselves with mysteries.

This is what the devil hates, so he tries to keep our mouths shut...when we pray!


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