See How This Young Thriving Entrepreneur Celebrates His Birthday

This thriving entrepreneur is one of the fast growing and celebrated in Nigeria. There wouldn't have been any better way to Celebrate a good life as a youth.
We all know that many youths wish to do something but not everyone has the courage to begin, let alone to be able to do it.
"It takes great courage to be outstanding" the courage Tewogboye Fagbemi has exhibited is quite exceptional and today he is here.

The one who was once regarded as a poor youth but now, as one of the thriving youths because of his impacts, influence, enthusiasm and passion for making a difference.

He probably wouldn't have been able to create a difference until he started writing a book titled THE POOR YOUTH VS THE RICH YOUTH in 2014, which took him 5 years to complete. In 2019, the book has already started making history as over 300 copies was single-handedly sold by him within a month from its launch, which took place on the 3rd of March, 2019.

The book is a motivational personal development and business strategies. It was written to create a balance for the disparity between the rich and the poor. What every youth needs to become a useful youth, to maximize their potential and to discover their purpose. It included several businesses for students and youths in school and out of school.


The new century has metamorphosed into a fast-growing world and the old rules set by our predecessors when the world was in a different state no longer work. The aims behind the rules remain the same but the approaches must change.
Virtually everything has changed, we no longer drive the same way, nor do we think the same way, neither do we act the same way. And, regrettably, our teachers drive us through theories, not application. We get confined to the walls of the classroom and find it difficult to explore when we graduate.
And, we're left to learn the basic things of life (Building a strong relationship, financial literacy, political liberalism, spirituality or what have you) on our own. The English language is *supposed* to strike a balance for our indigenous languages, an instrument to make us become a sellout to the global market. Mathematics, to infuse us with the knowledge of how to properly arrange our society and give it the best shape, or to understand the  chemistry between a  seller and a buyer. Biology doesn't make us realise that man was made to make money in his environment. Physics also fails to teach us that the energy and effort we put to work, will yield soon. Therefore, we remain sound in theories and poor-minded in reality.
This book succinctly discusses the negative and positive impacts of one's family background and how it affects one's mindset towards riches, the practical and key steps every youth need take to be free from financial slavery, harnessing opportunities, unleashing potentials and becoming independently great in life. Do you care to be free from financial slavery? Then, this book is for you.


Tewogboye Fagbemi was born in Lagos Island Local Government, Lagos State. He hails from Ode-Irele local government, Ondo State, Nigeria.
He is a student of the department of Environmental Management and Toxicology, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.
He is the founder of the Pro-Active Youth Empowerment (PAYE), an ardent writer, motivational public speaker, enthusiastic environmentalist and entrepreneur par excellence who gains an unquantifiable interest in reading books, making new friends and listening to music.
Tewogboye Fagbemi is passionate about making a difference, creating ideas, innovations and providing solutions to problems, through critical thinking.

To get a copy of the book, you can contact him via whatsapp

Tewogboye Fagbemi founded The Pro-Active Youth Empowerment (PAYE) with the MISSION that The Pro-Active Youth Empowerment (PAYE) program was engendered out of a burning desire to meet the need of the entire Nigerian youth populace and students. The organisation is keen on providing the youths with skills, trainings, exposing them to the art of Leadership via Leadership and Entrepreneurship Summits, Intellectual Building Workshops, Financial Independent Programs, to establish a platform for helping the youths develop a positive mindset and to enhance academic performance.

According to him, the team envision a generation of youth that is independent in all gamuts of life; leadership, entrepreneurship, intellectual and what have you?

To see Nigeria become one of the top countries with leading entrepreneurs, with every of her youth empowered with at least one skill thereby beating the international standard.


Today, being the 24th of April, 2019. Tewogboye Fagbemi also choose to launch his blog which is the to INFORM, IMPACT AND CREATE INNOVATIONS.

On this same day, Tewogboye Fagbemi has chosen to announce his new business in school.
After a very thorough research and feasibility study, he decided to open a Sandwich shop with the name KANDYTREATS which is aimed at providing toasted bread and Chapman, cakes, meat pie, small chops, chin-chin, plantain chips for your Breakfast, lunch and dinner for all Funaab students, within and outside school. Anywhere around Funaab axis.
According to him, his empowerment programs will take effect soon and the updates will be sent on this platform.

So, get ready to witness more interesting achievement by this young man.
Nothing is more interesting than knowing that Tewogboye Fagbemi is waxing strong in making a difference, helping others and creating solutions.

Therefore on this special day, everyone around the world and we at PAYE celebrate this guru and growing entrepreneurial icon. Congratulations Tewogboye Fagbemi and happy birthday, many years on earth.

For your events and occasions that require a public speaking, motivation, business or entrepreneurship talks, kindly contact Tewogboye Fagbemi on 08133025611.

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  1. Nice one mr fagbemi,,i really love the book,,it let me determine how to pay attention to my abilities and the principles to become financially stable are helping.
    Please keep up the good work


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