It is always a good thing to show kindness, compassion and good-will towards humanity. Many individuals have the perception of giving to be an act of buying gifts for someone, taking someone out for a treat, giving a tip and so on. But giving, in my perspective is an act of adding value to people's lives, making someone happy by touching their lives positively regardless of how much or little effort we put in to affect them positively.

Have you ever considered how a dripping of a tiny little particle of water can fill up a container? Let me give you an illustration, you have a bucket in your bathroom and you place it under the tap and after turning on the tap you realize that the water is only dripping bit by bit, very slowly and inconsistent. You can't get your bucket filled at that moment but if you can have patience and leave it for a night, before the morning you'll realize that the bucket is filled and overflow, so is giving.

Because the little things you do for people goes a very long way in their lives, you just have to continue helping as many people as you can, it is not when you build a mansion for a man that you have helped him, it is not when you take him abroad that you have given him happiness, although these things are good but there are better ways to go about it.

Let me show you in six (6) proven ways,  how to make people happy. 

1.  Pay attention to their needs.

Everybody loves to he heard, I know you must have heard of cases where people only want you to listen and not judge them even when they know they are wrong. You just have to listen to them and when they are through with their explanations, request or speech, you can then tell them you love them and make them understand that things can still be corrected and go well but don't ever make the mistake of judging them…who are you to judge?

2. Give them your time

You never know how many lives you would save just by taking out time to ask about their day and well-being, in fact you can ask them if it's okay to come over to their place of residence, work or business. Just make sure to have some fun with them. Don't make them feel lonely or bored while you are around. We all know that depression is real but it happens to be so because people feel lonely and bored, if they find someone to care for them and give them attention and also show them affection, no one will be down or depressed because everyone's spirit will be lifted, knowing that we are loved.

3. Compliment their little effort

I feel really happy and blessed by the number of people that compliments me on my daily write-ups as a form of encouragement. That way I want to do more and I feel loved. You too can make someone happy by saying things like 'well-done dear, that's a great work, kudos bro, wow...this is beautiful, you are gorgeous, you look stunning, I feel blessed having you, I am honored to be around you, you are a God's sent, I love you. All these make a great impact and have a lasting effect on people.

4. Embrace them when they win. 

You may never know the essence of giving someone a 'true hug' when they win until you do. People feel loved and happy when you hug them. But in the course of doing this make sure your intention is plain and clear. Don't do it because you want them to feel you care or love them, please do it with the intention to make them happy and be happy as well, so that when you do and they feel your body, happiness flows in the attraction of the body. Remember it's not easy to win, so it's worth it when you give them a hug and say congratulations!

5. Use the most pleasing five letter words 

Dear friend, it is pertinent for you to note that naturally, smiling breeds happiness. Whenever you smile, the atmosphere tends to be lively and people are bounds to reciprocate. That way you make alot of people happy. Whenever you meet anyone who is perturbed or filled with uncertainty on his/her face, look at him/her straight in the eye and give a smile.
He or she has no reason not to reciprocate, try it and tell me if it works or not. It has worked for me several times though.

6. Buy them a gift 

Who doesn't appreciate a gift? You may give money and I will forget in a year but a gift will last for years and it will also serve as memory whenever the recipient sees it. You should consider buying someone a gift today, it will surprise them (especially if you have never given them a gift before).

When you promote people for a job well done, when you encourage them in time of despair, when you give them a home when they have no house, when you give them hope when all is lost, my friend you are doing a great thing and with time you will get the good result.

When you give to people you don't expect to get anything in return, as the act of true giving lies in you seeking the happiness of others and not for your own benefit.

I, as an individual love to give and seek to bring out the best in others. Giving is an attribute that has to be part of you, when you give people what they need and they enjoy, you also find happiness and a feeling of accomplishment within you which gives you an edge above the receiver.

Here are few people who have lived to inspire and encourage others and their lives was a gift to humanity. Nelson Mandela fought for the freedom of his people in south Africa, Les brown became a motivational speaker and a writer to be an inspiration to people, Pastor E.A Adeboye became a pastor so as to deliver people and liberate them out of bondage and above all Jesus Christ died for the sake of man and took our sins away for all to be saved.

My dear friend, what have you done in return for the good deeds done for you?
Have you said thank you to that friend, colleague, family member, teacher, mentor, pastor, guardian and to God Almighty who has been there for you all through. Think about it and do something great in return today, to make people happy.

Thanks for reading. When you share this post, you also make others happy! 

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