Having a first class certificate or first class personality is every student's dream, so, again, I am prompted to make the students my targeted audience, hence, the reason for this article.

Dear students, It is so debilitating that a lot of gifted hands and gifted brains are playing smaller games all around in our higher institutions today, they are performing lesser to who they are and what they have.

In our institutions, the fear of failure and carry over is always the order of the day, and gradually we lose sight of our personal evaluations, we all want to make that first class or second class upper at all cost, thereby losing every other facet of our lives.

Some of us have left behind the leading factor in our life (GOD), in such a way that we only have limited time to engage in religious activities that Strengthen our bonds with our maker, just because our academics is eating up most of our time and efforts, then when we notice or feel a carry over lurking around somewhere,  we run to that God. Isn’t that absurd?

A pronounceable number of students do not network or make quality relationships while in school simply because they want to face their studies and as such, they do not make quality relationships that will bring forth good tidings in their lives in years to come. Some students even look at their colleagues who join school politics and unionism as the unserious types. Well, only time would reveal who is more serious and who is not.

Let me tell you, what you do not know well is that even with a first class degree, the only factor that will land you that dream job you aspire after school might actually be the relationships you have built while in school. Who knows if your potential employer or contract grantor is sitting next to you in the class everyday, and you have never for once reach out to connect in any way.

Sometimes, a member of an association you belong to in the school might turn out to be the person to refer you to your fortunes and luck. Please, don’t play smaller games.

Let me burst your bubbles, in the conventional world today, some companies and institutions do not employ first class graduate simply because they believe the first class graduates are the book type and all that they know and possess is whatever they've crammed while in school, so all they have to offer is book and no other thing. Hey, I am not here to discourage you on your first class dream, neither I’m I here to talk down first class grade, I am just stating the obvious.

The truth is, there are limitations to where first class graduates can get to, but there is no front that a first class personality can never stand, simply because they have mastered the art.... Do you understand the difference yet?

To me, I’d rather become a first class personality than to become a student with a first class degree and not be able to defend it.

Hey, this is my own life and I am sure you know I am in charge of it, hence my life consist of my choices, so the above is my choice. I’m not here to make your choices for you, but to enlighten you so you can be informed and reformed.

Being a first class personality and a first class graduate is very attainable if you know your onions and how well to cook with it. That is also achievable if you can point your dots (.) and cross your t’s (T.)

Have you ever thought about that president Muhammad buhari who is only an O'level certificate holder is flying a first class Airlines many times than millions of first class degree holders?

Without any restriction, he can choose visit any country he so deem fit to be, how many of the first class graduates have this privilege?
Please, Pause and reflect.

Dear Esteemed students, this is just a wake up call for us all, it is time to realign our purpose with our vision, it is time to gunderstand that the Nigerian educational system is messed up, it time to stand up tall and take the bull by the horn, it is time to be responsible and be in charge of our lives, hence let’s restrategise.

While many first class graduates are roaming the streets in severe hunger just because there are limited availability of jobs, first class personalities are winning every front, they triumph in every adversities, even when the economy is harsh,this is because they have mastered the art.

The good news is that, you too can!

In a nutshell, for whatever grade you are building, it will do you a great favour to build on becoming a first class personality as well, and you will always find the world at your feet.

With love, peace and common sense…I look forward to seeing you at the top!

© Toheeb Bisiriyu.

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