"Everybody wants to have money but not everyone can take care of the money in their possession."

I would like you to agree with me today that money is an office. An office that needed to be run, secured, supervised, monitored and managed. A manager is someone who controls resources and expenditure.

Becoming a money manager is the fact that you must be in charge of your money, taking care of it properly by keeping it safe all the time, supervising it from being squandered, monitoring it's movement from your purse, your pocket, your bank account and even your hands and manage it by knowing the right amount to spend at the right time and knowing when to spend it.

Did you know that Warren Buffett is a money manager? Well maybe you don't. You just know him to be one of the top five richest people in the world. Warren Buffett has an assets and net worth approximately sixty three billion US dollars (US$63 billion).

Yet he has never bought any exotic car which would cost him a lot of money but rather get a nice car which he'd use for quite a period of time and later auction it for a price before getting another one. He is also legendarily frugal, residing in the same house in Omaha, Nebraska Unites states, that he bought since 1958 for $31,500. I will tell you more about him later.

There are two types of money managers, The good and the bad. Let us start by viewing the characteristics of the bad money manager.


• They are full of pride and ego: The bad managers are those who in their offices love to show off making everyone around notice them, showing off their expensive cars, their expensive clothes, suits, shoes, bags, wristwatches and even their belt etc.

• They are the boss type: They want people to always listen to them even when all they are saying is off the point, meaningless, irrelevant, uncalled for and useless. They just want to command.

• They want to enjoy life to the fullest: You always find the bad money managers in places like bar, restaurant, hotel where they are always lavishing and squandering money, they hardly have time for their family.

• They buy unnecessary things: This set of people do not really know what to buy with their money, they are always with the mentality that when one money is gone, another will come. So they just buy unwanted things and in the long run, they end up not making use of the things bought, because those things are irrelevant and of no use. 

• They have no plans: The bad money manager do not care about preparing for an event, making proper estimation of what is needed, no budget for their expenses and they are lackadaisical about the future.

• They are usually stingy people: They love and prefer to spend money on useless things rather than helping people who are in need. Consider a student who has just been offered admission to a tertiary institution went to meet a bad money manager for financial help, the bad manager is likely to say "I am broke and I also have many other financial plans I need to attend to". Dashing out the hope of the poor boy/girl who has trusted him/her for help. But the bad manager prefers to give the money to a prostitute, spend in restaurant and other recreational centres. 

With all these said, do you care to know what a good manager looks like? Then follow me as I show you below... 


• They are always frugal: This set of people know the right amount to spend at the right time, they are always careful about their cashflow and avoid any form of waste.

• They are usually prudent: They care alot about their future, so they take proper precautions and planning in preparation towards the future.

• They love to save money: In order to avoid unforeseen circumstances and becoming stranded in the future, they save so much money to avert it.

• They are kind: Rather than spending money to buy unwanted things or wasting it, they enjoy helping the needy, they invest in people and love to bring out the best in others.

• They are happy people: With so much money in their possession and being properly managed, they are comfortable, at ease, relaxed and happy because they can get all they want at the right time.

• They usually contribute to God's work: They never forget their maker and whenever money is being raised in their place of worship, they are there to help. Paying tithes and offerings regularly. They are always at the forefront in this category. 

• They are humble people: It's very rare to find good money managers ranting about their wealth and possession. They are always calm and humble, few examples are...Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Pastor E.A Adeboye, Aliko Dangote etc.

My dear friend, what kind of a manager are you? Look within yourself, check your money, your pocket, your purse, your bank account and your possession, how are you managing it? Good or Bad?

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