We're all on a journey; but it's more of a marathon, than a sprint.

You sat down quietly minding your business, suddenly, you heard news of someone who won a scholarship, a secondary school mate of yours just got married, an old friend moved to their new home, won a massive grant, announced wedding plans, just gave birth to a baby, got a new job...etc.

Suddenly, you're in panic mode. Suddenly, it seems as though your life just ground to a halt.

I have experienced situations, where people think of giving up because they consider their lives miserable and useless. Because they focus on the journey of others and lose focus of theirs, they tend to start asking themselves questions like, why is everything not working for me?  Why am I still stagnant?
Who exactly did I offend?
When will my life have a meaning?

Dear friend, your life has a meaning, you just haven't defined it in your own way. How does it feel, living in the skin of someone else? Do you feel happy bearing the name of someone else rather than yours?

It is the period that you are so engrossed about the achievements and success of others that you that things suddenly seem not to be working and you're now worried that you're not making as much progress as you should.
Unknowing to you, you've started comparing your life to that of your friend and fellow.

Our lives lose its meaning when we give it someone else's definition.

It's not as though you're not happy for other people that something good happened to, you just seemed to have that brief moment of "what's happening with my life."

Truth is that, there were times when great things which happened in your life also put others in panic mode. Suddenly, they're under pressure to "make meaning of their own lives also."

The guy who announced getting a full-ride and funded scholarship, probably won't tell you of the many other rejection emails, sleepless nights, blood, sweat and tears. The glory is all we see, not the pain.

Being successful is a matter of time, they made it now because it is their time. You don't have to struggle to make it when it's not yet your time, when you focus on the journey and keep keeping on, you will arrive in due time.

As long as we remain humans, our advancements would put some people on the edge and under pressure. While, others too might put us in the same situation.

Let me quickly remind you that the situations you are going through are not to break you but to make you, remember that before a gold become pure and fine, it needs to pass through fire. You need to be redefined for you to grow.

People may become successful and it may appear as though they are doing better than you at the moment, trust me it's okay. In fact, it should be one of the things that motivates you to succeed and not for you to lose focus of your own journey.

Some took the elevator, some took the stairs, but the determination is the same and the destination is the top

However, it pays to realize that this journey of life is more of a marathon, than a sprint.
Also, there’s no collective start point, or end point.
Each person to his own race, journey, and story.

And when you feel you're not moving fast enough to catch up with others, remember, it's "your" race, not "our" race.

Make every moment count, you're not doing as bad as you think.

Even broken crayon still colour.

Keep moving, you will get there sooner than you expected.

© Toheeb Bisiriyu

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  1. This is a great writeup,

    Don't run according to someone's clock, use your own.

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