Heaven is not real – a general belief held by many and has led to alot of people to engage in unscrupulous acts and lackadaisical attitude, many today have lost their tracks in life and others are still trying to find their feets. But here is the thing, from all you've heard, seen and experienced, can you say for sure that heaven is real or not?

Okay, before you start your argument, can we take some time together to carefully analyse this crucial topic?

I will be using myself as an example and I will share a bit of my personal experience to let you see why heaven is real or not, but as much as you are eager to argue this, please note that our experiences differ and what may seem wrong to me might be right to you.

So, putting our religion differences aside and seeing things exactly the way they are, we should be able to analyse this, as we stay on the same page.

It is written in the Holy Book that in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and God was the word, it is also with the same word that the earth was formed and everything came to be, but here is where my question is starting to spring up from. If there was no earth in the beginning, then where was God? Are you also thinking about it? Okay, let's move on.
The earth formation 

Since the earth was created, He made man to dominate the earth and to subdue every other thing he had created, we realised that man was made from dust and it was written that dust, all man shall become. Does this mean that we were created from the earth and when we die we shall remain on earth as dust?

It is also written that after man was created He (God) breathe his spirit into him and that made man a living being. Which means that when man dies as a dust, the spirit being leaves his body. But, where exactly does this spirit go? Remember, we are still not sure where God was when he created man, so we can't even say where the spirit came from, let alone to know where it will go back to.
Where do we return to? 

It is also written that all men would return to God to receive judgments for the deeds done on earth. Now, this is exactly where my fear sets in.
If you are not a religious person neither do you believe that God exists, I think this is the point where you stop reading this post, because it takes a religious mind to follow suit and you must believe that God exists in order for you to get this message.

The above are the general thoughts of every unbeliever, those yet to find their purpose and those who are not sure what human existence is all about. So, let me help you understand it.
If God has created us for a purpose and to do his will, the first question I expect you to ask yourself is, why am I living?
Truth be told, this question as simple as it is to read, is tougher than it seem, because alot of people till they died could not find answers to it.

When God created Adam, he told him what to do and Adam did according to what he was told, naming all the animals, building, developing and making innovations, even though we may say it is archaic compared to what we have in today's generation and dispensation.

My question to you is, have you ever heard from God to know what you are suppose to do in life as a child, as a boy, as a girl, as a woman or even as a man?

The ability to hear directly from God gives you the right instructions and directions to your place of purpose in life. But many today can't hear from God and because they fail to pay attention to every tiny little details God may be sharing with them, they conclude that there is no God because they can't see him nor hear him.

Have you ever wondered why you can't control any of your activities while you are fully asleep?
Are there times when you find your astral body wandering about or doing some activities in your dream and you just can't control what happens but just to see and have an overview of the activities?
The places you visited in your dream sometimes may be places you know, the faces you see may be people you know but sometimes everything may seem very strange.

During this period when you dream or go on a journey in the spirit that some individuals call trance, there are revelations for you to see that are meant to shapen who you are meant to be, only if you paid attention to them.

Let me share an experience I had with you.
There was a day I was so frustrated and I was seeking answers to the list of questions I had in mind, so I told God I needed to know the reason for my existence and if he couldn't show me nor tell me, at least, He should let me see him for once, seated on the throne in heaven, just as I've heard and read in many preachings and in the Holy book.

Later that night, I slept and had a dream that made me changed my belief about heaven and this is one of the nights I will never forget in my lifetime.
I was meant to be in a place I can't really describe, not the regular place I've been nor seen, it was crowded kind of, and I knew nobody there.
So, I stood looking around to see if I'd find someone I know but none.

All of a sudden, I heard people screaming, shouting, and running towards me, saying, that's him! Surprisingly I had no idea what was going on, I couldn't have waited for them to meet me where I was standing because their expressions was not in any way a friendly approach, I quickly picked a race.
As I was running, I was panting heavily that I almost gave up.

Eventually, I saw a very tall ladder that I couldn't tell where it led to, so I rushed to climb but before I did, I had the opportunity to pick an object that seem like a nail gun, so I used that to slow the people down as I fired them and I began to climb the ladder, this didn't stop them at all, they were still climbing the ladder with me. Then I hurriedly climb to reach the top but before I could get to the top of the building, I saw two creatures; one was having the body of a ram, and a head of a lion. While the other was like a lamb.

Lion of heaven 

So, as I tried to climb up, a very loud voice said to me... God back!
But still very determined and adamant, I defiantly tried to climb again, then the Lion-ram like creature roared and told me to GO BACK and I quickly went back and those chasing me vanished. So, I woke up, sweating profusely and extremely tired, then I prayed seeking for God's mercy for doubting His existence and His prowess.

Here is my interpretation to the dream:
Many times we tried to find answers to our questions but what we seek answers to, are actually beyond what we can handle. I wanted to know if heaven was real and to know if God was real and finally the purpose of my existence.

Then God revealed to me that in life, I will be faced with challenges, tribulations, suffering, pains, hardships, heartbreak, disappointment, setbacks and I will be forced to want to give up, then this is where He comes in to give me courage, strength, boldness, power, might and the victory to overcome whatever may come my way.

Ever since I had the dream, I changed my perspective about heaven, God, life and everything generally. I now see that my existence is to put smile on people's faces, to serve God and tell the world that he exists even though we can't see him.
The truth is, if I had climbed the ladder to the top and crossed to the other side, I'd have been dead by now.

If I had died then, do you think I'd have made it to the heaven I wanted to see? Knowing fully well that I was not in the right standing with God.
What would have become of me if I do not admit that God is real and Heaven is His abode?

Have you also ever wondered what happens if you die now? Have you by any chance done things that are pleasing to God? Well, this may sound absurd and uneasy to comprehend but let me put it this way.

If you were a creator and you made alot of things, would you have wanted those things to do well and watch them grow or you will be glad to just see them destroyed?
Okay, if you were to decide which you will keep, would you have kept the good things your created or the ones that are damaged, bad or destroyed?

This is exactly how humans are seen in the sight of God. He will not keep a corrupt being, he will not keep a liar, he will not keep a fornicator, he will not keep an adulterer, he will not keep a backstabber, he will not keep someone who is willing to destroy another and other bad things you can think of.

But, He will choose to keep the best, the ones that are pure, the ones that are true, the ones that are righteous, the ones that are fit for the glorious place.

Dear friend, I know this must have been a long post but it wouldn't have been this interesting if you had not taken your time to go through it. Please know that God loves you and that's why he has created you in such a beautifully and handsomely manner, to showcase the beauty of His glory and for the world to know that he is God.

He wants you to take charge of your life, he wants you to know that He loves you and He had sent you here on earth to enjoy yourself but bearing in mind that your home is HEAVEN.
No matter what you hear, see, do, face or life throws at you, God is there to help you. Don't give up on life, don't give up on God, don't give up on yourself, God is there to help you.
I repeat, HEAVEN IS REAL and that should be your home.

Please ask yourself today, are you in the right standing with God, are you doing His will? Will God keep you as one of the useful vessel in his kingdom?
If you are not sure or yet to confess your sins and make it right with him. Can you spare a moment?
God loves you and he's calling you today. 

Please say this words with humility of heart and with sincerity.
Dear Lord, I know I have wronged you, I know I have missed alot of opportunities and I have wandered for too long, but Lord, I am back to you, and I promise to always do what is right from now on. Please accept me and teach me what I must do to be in the right standing with you. Thank you Lord for granting my request and I believe you will lead me in the right path from now on, so I can dwell with you in HEAVEN. Amen!


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