It is another interesting moment when we we get to meet some of the talented and fast rising artiste amongst us but this time, a stand-up comedian who has gained alot of prominence within Abeokuta and outside the state.

A Quick Introduction

Chrisphenomenal as he is popularly known goes by the name Omogbai Christopher, he hails from edo state, Nigeria. He grew up in ibadan, he is a stand up/online comedian and also a Content creator. A student of PASTURE AND RANGE MANAGEMENT, Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (Funaab).
 Oh, What a privilege!

In one of our interview with Chrisphenomenal on how he started, he narrated;
"How i started? It was all rough and tough as a gospel actor in a church (all saint owode ibadan) and started officially as a stand up comedian during my college orientation in FUNAAB.

What inspired me to continue was seeing people on television and I started telling myself that I can be one of them and I can even be better.

My challenges? 
Errm... The first day i started stand up comedy...  I went on stage without being prepared...  Then i did all i could for almost 10mins and no one laughed it was even the MC that collected microphone from me and I felt really sad.

How I overcame it?
I became really humble, just to learn at the feet of masters, then I walked up to my boss MC LAFF where he taught me how to handle the microphone with confidence, finesse and be able to control the audience. Today, it's working for me as I've mastered the art of comedy with some great sense of humour. I have performed in many concert, dinners and symposiums in Funaab without any flop."

I hope you are inspired?
Well, that's that about the little introduction of Chrisphenomenal, now let's move to the order of the day. In this article Chrisphenomenal will be showing us in his memes what the types of freshers in Nigeria universities look like.  Kindly check below and enjoy.

Which category are you, and which category were you when you got to the University?
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