7 Principles That Will Help You Become A Successful Person

Every person that God has created has a fair chance of becoming successful, we all can make history, to turn the world into a better place and become great. You are not an exception, you are a masterpiece of your kind, you can become a successful person if you follow these principles.

In this article, I am going to share with you insights, tips, scopes, points, advice, and principles that will help you prevail and stay on top of your game in any situation you find yourself. 'Life as they say is not a bed of roses', therefore it is inevitable to live without challenges and struggles but with the principles I'm about to share with you and by applying them, it will become easier to scale through and learn how to live excellent life according to God's plan. The following points have been tested and they have proven to be effective over time, so please follow me judiciously. 

7 Principles to help you become successful 

1. Never Underestimate God's Factor

The Holy Bible says that "every good and perfect thing comes from above i.e from the Lord". I don't doubt this at all because God works in mysterious ways that no man can understand and no one would dare take credit for his works. At a point in time, you see people go to school and brag about their parents, uncles, and relatives owning a firm, a business, and a company to reckon with. Life has gone beyond that stage, now you find people scrambling for jobs in government firms and private positions. It is now a matter of strong connection before a person finds a good job or position in a company. These are 7 ways we underestimate the power of God.

Frankly speaking, if God is not involved, then all the things you do won't work out. Even if they do, they won't last because only God's factor lasts. I believe that with God everything is possible because the word of God is true, perfect and it is ever-living. No matter the amount of hard work you put in or the effort you make, if God's factor is not involved, then there is nothing your effort can do. It is very important to know that everyone who seeks to become successful in life must acknowledge God's factor. You must love God and have the fear of God. I know you may be wondering why I'm saying all this. Well, that's because I've had a fair share of the turbulence of life and at some point, I have done some abominable things that at some point I began to question my faith and belief, that I considered myself one of the worst sinners. But I can boldly tell you that in all of this and in the midst of the trials and temptations, God has been faithful. He constantly reminds me of His love, His faithfulness, His protection, and His blessings. So, irrespective of your situation, His love for you is just too certain.

2. Ensure To Constantly Remain Relevant 

Being relevant is a big thing and as such, it should be treated as important. For a person who seeks to become successful, you must strive to forever be relevant. Let us take, for instance, a lot of young graduates in Nigeria today wish to work in the banking sector, health sector, and other related fields but they are stuck. They became stuck not because they don't have the certification or qualifications but because some of them lack growth. They remained in the same position with the same idea and mindset that after school the next thing is to get a job and start working without upgrading their skills and making efforts to improve. Let us consider for example – a graphic designer. You shouldn't make the mistake of comparing your design of yesterday with the design you make today. It is expected that your job
today is better than the one of yesterday. You must step up your game. Find out how to stay relevant in your place of work HERE

I consider it as important to share this with you – I have witnessed a lot of people being fired from their place of work because of indecency and lackadaisical attitude. The majority of these people know the work but their mode of dressing is just out of this world because they don't care and others have bad communication skills. Let me tell you this, you can be a first-class student and still perform poorly in communicating with friends and clients because you don't associate with people and because you are more theoretical than being practical. Your purpose for upgrading yourself is to become an all-rounder. Many graduates want to go back to school for masters, but have you asked yourself, why are you going back to school? Is it to learn or to have certification, so you can apply for jobs? You must learn beyond your scopes of discipline, you must learn beyond the theoretical aspect of your course because when opportunities knock at your door, these skills you've developed over time will answer. 

Don't be in a silo, don't enclose yourself, move around, visit places, and explore, let people see the glory of God in you.

A good example is Deeper Life Church, at some point they saw television as something ungodly and bad, but today they have adopted the system and use the means to broadcast their messages. You too might have been with such sentiment and mindset but you must be willing to learn, unlearn, and relearn for you to remain relevant. 

3. You Must Have The Willingness to Help 

When you take it upon yourself to provide help to people at any point in time, you are creating a door and a pathway that will be opened for you at a time that is not expected. Let me share a brief story with you as told by a friend to make you see that willingness to help will in turn help you.
My first job came during my NYSC days, and I can recall I was working for NYSC when they took me to a special CDS and the room was filled with smart people, everyone was busy doing one thing or the other and I was among them doing designs and other great stuff. One day, we were taken to the National Stadium for a program and that was where I met the first person I worked with after NYSC, he was one of the partners to the NYSC that conducted training and all. He walked up to me and said 'come and work for me'.  He gave me his business card and I thought within myself that it wasn't the type of job I was looking forward to,  because I'd always wanted to freelance, work from home and have my freedom, so I didn't want to work under anyone. So, I told him I was not interested. The man went to the NYSC office, told them about me, and described what he had seen me do, then the NYSC official called me to remind me of how there had been an increase in job scarcity and unemployment in Nigeria, here I am being offered a good job, yet, I'm doing 'yamayama' (nonsense), so I had a second thought and I had to give in, then agreed to work. I went to the place and it turned out that I was earning more than everyone else in the company except for the overall boss. At some point, I used to think that I have cheated others because even when others' salary is delayed, mine would always come through. Then, I had to leave the company. 

I got my second job and we went on training. At the point of the training, I realized that a lot of the things that were taught are things I already knew but that didn't give me the effrontery to raise my hand and say what they were teaching was rubbish, I was just there following. So, there was a guy who was seated behind me that noticed what I was doing, walked up to me and said 'bros, I know you've done this thing, but please can you help me?' then I taught him what he needed to know and he grabbed & understood it, we exchanged contacts and parted ways. Some months after, the guy posted on his WhatsApp status that a web developer was needed at Ikoyi, I called the guy and told him I was interested. He told me he would inform the person in charge and get back to me. But to my greatest surprise, I got a call from the U.S, it was my second boss. He wanted me to work for him after seeing my works and that led to my six-figure salary. Even though at the interview I was shaking but they already wanted me because I was like the best and while I was working with them I got promoted three times within the space of three (3) years. I got the job as a result of the help I provided to someone.

 Now, here is the thing, your miracle may not be outside your circle of friends, because the help you render to them today, I'm sure they'd want to reciprocate sometime in the future and who knows that might be your ticket to your jackpot, so you must be willing to help. 

4. Make Friends Not Clients 

Obviously, in a place of work, everyone has a boss that they give feedbacks to, but some people are with the mindset that whether there are sales or not, they work from 9 pm-5 pm and go home, then wait till the end of the month and get paid, not minding if there was profit or not, it's none of their business. But I'll like to relate this point to both freelancing and the normal office work, whether you have a boss or clients that you work for, there is a salient question that you need to answer. How do you treat your boss & clients? Well, you may be after the payment for the job you've done but what are you contributing to the growth of their business? Are you creating value or creating wealth?

To make your boss & client desire you, you must make them your friends, you can't be a regular employee and expect the closeness from them. You must be an exceptional employee that even when you leave their job or done with their projects they'd still ask you to come back whenever you want. You must be so friendly with them that even when all other employees get fired, your job will still be intact. It is hard to be close to your boss or win the hearts of your clients but did you know that if you go the extra mile,  build something extraordinary and do something different from the norm, you will always be noticed? Yes, it is real. When you do and give that extra, with a little more effort and give your best to help your boss and clients achieve the best, then you will always be their friends and get the best recommendations. This is how to determine your choice of friends. 

5. Never Put Your Trust in Man

First of all, you must realize that God is still God no matter what. God can never be compared to man irrespective of how rich, how connected, or how influential the man is. Many times people tend to limit themselves due to what they hear people say. But when your journey is with God, your thoughts will be unlimited and you will envision yourself to be in a place greater than where your thought can even imagine. Many people who should be role models, mentors, and leaders are found following others because they have limited themselves. Rather than looking up to God, they have looked up to a man and because man has fed them with the idea that there is a limit to a particular achievement, then they have settled for the less, forgetting that God's plan is bigger than what they've thought for themselves. No matter who you know, no matter what you have, make God your backup and your inspiration, because with God you will be unlimited. 

6. Do More But Don't Say Too Much 

There is a kind of fulfillment that every individual gets by saying too much. Sometimes, it comes as a declaration and constant motivation to keep you going but when you say too much, you will realize that in reality you haven't done much but have said a lot. Social media is a very good example because it has become a means where people have demonstrated a lot of things about them but in reality, they haven't achieved anything. If you want to write, do it. If you want to call your loved one, do it. If you want to go to school, do it. If you want to get married, do it. If you want to do anything at all, just do it! Don't just have fulfillment with the words of your mouth, have that fulfillment in reality. If you say with your mouth that you are working, does your bank account indicates it? Whatever it is you want to do, just do it... Don't procrastinate, just do it. See how to make your decision happen. 

I have come to realize that the world is not black and white, it doesn't go as smoothly as we have always planned but no matter what you do, you must keep moving. In the jungle, the Lion wakes up with the mind to hunt and feed daily. The gazelle also wakes up to get something to eat. Both the Lion and the gazelle wak up with the intent to move. One is a hunter and the other is hunted, but they both move. You don't have to be in a hurry to achieve your success, if it takes you to crawl to get there, just keep moving. 
Don't be a social media person that flaunts without doing anything, rather be someone who says less but does more.

7. Learn To Show Appreciation

It is pertinent for you to say thank you to God for the grace and privilege you have because many people will do anything to have the same opportunity you have. You must appreciate people always for all the good things they have done for you. A little gift as a token of appreciation is enough to say thank you. When you don't say thank you for the good deeds done, you may be considered an ingrate. Don't be an ingrate, show appreciation, and give thanks always. 

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